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Can you afford substandard debarking? 

Cambio Tools and TipsFollowing on from the first standard knives for the CAMBIO DEBARKING MACHINE, the PYRAMO tip is the latest the development with exchangeable tips.

Debarking tools with BITE – PYRAMO are triple-use tips, and are available in various models depending on the circumstances during the debarking process. Due to its simple and ingenious construction, this tool offers several considerable advantages right from its first usage – no matter what wood species you are using or the state of the logs.
The small tips, with their minimal weight and easy installation, can be replaced by engineers of the debarking machine without any difficulties. Due to its simple and fast maintenance, the accessibility and therefore the output of the machine is improved.
The PYRAMO tip has a longer debarking edge and a more aggressive angle. This permits a higher feed rate and at the same time cleaner debarking and cleaner chips

Used on an appropriate tip seat in CAMBIO DEBARKING MACHINES, the PYRAMO tips ensure:

  • economy and quality
  • improved debarking output
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • better debarking results
The latest development:
The TRIMAX tip and the progressive CAMPRO tip seat.

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